Documentary: Nigeria’s Millionaire Pastors (Preachers)

Take a disturbing look at this.  America’s prosperity preaching has made its way to Nigeria.  It’s strange how God led me to this after I started praying about the problems in Nigeria, due to a prayer request by one of my readers.

Could this problem be one reason “Christianity” is being attacked there? Because this movement gives the wrong impression about what Christianity is really all about.  Could this Word of Faith movement be provoking jealousy and anger in those who are poor, or those who are sick? Are these people learning America’s ways —–of flaunting their super elite “powers?”

All of this is soooo familiar:  1. “Jesus was rich”—-spare me!!  Jesus rode in on a borrowed donkey—–not 2-3 hummers!  Jesus even had to borrow money (a denarius)  to illustrate a point (Mark 12: 13-15)

2.  Giving to get (totally unbiblical)

3.  “God is a game”—-NOT!

4.  “We have to entice people”


Documentary: Nigeria’s Millionaire Pastors (Preachers).

One thought on “Documentary: Nigeria’s Millionaire Pastors (Preachers)

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